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How referral discount code works?

Give £10, get £10.

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Once you login to your account, click on settings icon on the left menu bar. You will see Payment Settings tab (see image below):

Under the 'Your wallet' section, copy your personal referral code. You can send this code to your family and friends over text, WhatsApp, email or however your like.

Once your friends use your referral code for their first paid session, they will get £10 discount. After their session is complete, you will see a credit of £10 in your wallet.

By referring your friends to book therapy sessions using your code, you can earn a credit of £10 for each friend who successfully completes a session. If, for instance, five of your friends use your referral code, you will have £50 credited to your wallet.

You can apply the credit in your account towards your therapy session booking. Please note that a maximum of one £10 code can be used per session. For instance, if you have £50 credit, you can utilise it for up to 5 sessions, with each session receiving a £10 discount.

You can invite as many friends as you like. And the good thing is, your credit has no expiry date, so you can use it whenever you need a therapy session.

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