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How to send a message to a therapist I want to book?
How to send a message to a therapist I want to book?
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Once you select any therapist from our 'Find a Therapist' page, you can click on the 'View Profile' button on the therapist's profile card. This will open their profile page (see image below).

Here you can click on "Send a message' button. If you're not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in first. This is because the therapist should know who has sent them the message and be able to reply through the messaging feature of our platform. When you click the "Send a message' button, you will see simple messaging interface, like WhatsApp (see image below).

Once you send a message to the therapist, they will be immediately notified through an automated email. Similarly, you will be notified when the therapist replies to your message.

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