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What should I do when a client books a session with me?
What should I do when a client books a session with me?
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Upon receiving a booking request from a client, you will receive an automated email containing the details of the booking. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for the clients, and therefore we request that you accept the booking request within three hours.

To accept the booking request, you will need to click on the 'View Session' button in the email, which will take you to your Mindsum dashboard. You will be asked to log in if you are not already logged in.

Once you log in, you will see new booking enquiries under 'New Enquiries' tab of Home page (see image below). You can click each row to see more details about the booking, add any notes, read the client's notes they want you to read, send a message to the client, and more. Here, you will be able to accept or decline a booking request.

All the accepted bookings will move to the 'Upcoming Sessions' tab on Home tab. You can also view details of the booking by clicking 'View Details' on the green booking card (see the screenshot below). In case you are not able to attend the session, you can always click 'Cancel' on the booking card (after you initially accepted the booking). This will notify the client that you have cancelled the session.

You can also see all your upcoming bookings and past bookings under 'My Sessions' tab on the left hand menu. It will list down all the completed, cancelled, paid, free sessions for your record.

Soon you accept or reject any booking session, the client receives an automated email to notify them. Similarly, if a client cancels the booking, you will get an automated email notifying the cancellation.

If a client cancels within 24 hours of session time, you will receive full fee (minus 10% Mindsum standard commission), provided that you have already confirmed the session. However, if the client cancel their session more than 24 hours in advance, the client gets full refund, and you will not be paid for that session.

Important things to know:

  1. As per the agreed terms, one client can book only one free initial consultation with you. Any subsequent bookings will be paid at your specified rate.

  2. If you cancel more than 3 sessions in a row, the system will flag it up, and drop your ranking on our 'Find a Therapist' page. After 5th cancellation in a row, the system will automatically de-activate your account. Therefore, if you are on a long break, we recommend to temporarily deactivate your account or make your profile invisible to the client under 'Profile Settings' page.

  3. Delay in accepting bookings also affect your ranking on our 'Find a Therapist' page.

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