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How do I improve my ranking to appear higher on 'Find a Therapist' page?
How do I improve my ranking to appear higher on 'Find a Therapist' page?
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Our listings prioritise therapists who deliver exceptional therapeutic care to their clients through our algorithms which are designed to ensure this. To improve your rankings, it is important to maintain a high standard of service, promptly respond to booking and client inquiries, and consistently demonstrate a commitment to quality care.

Mindsum algorithm takes into account several factors to decide the position of a therapist profile on our listing pages. These factors include but not limited to:

  • Speed of confirmation of client bookings and replies to clients' messages

  • Quality of profile (bio, social media links, profile picture, skills, etc.)

  • Number of re-bookings and their frequency

  • Ratio of acceptances of a session vs declines

  • Cancellations by the therapist

  • Length of therapeutic relationship with clients

  • Updated availability slots

At Mindsum, we prioritise understanding our clients' needs and preferences. Upon joining our platform, we gather information about what they are looking for. Using this information, we provide them with three personalised matches. Our matching algorithm takes into account additional factors, including location, specific issues, preferred therapy type, language and cost. Our goal is to ensure that every client is paired with a therapist who meets their unique needs and preferences.

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