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How does Mindsum Bot help?
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Most people do not desire for their issues to be immediately resolved. Rather, they need a non-judgmental space to discuss their problems with another person. An AI-powered chat platform can be particularly useful for those late-night conversations when there is nobody else to talk to. Everyone has a hidden place within themselves, harbouring emotions that they are hesitant to express to anyone else. Engaging with Mindsum Bot can offer useful tips and necessary reassurance to seek assistance when the time is right.

You can share your feelings with Mindsum Bot and ask for advice. Or just ask anything about mental health, such as how to deal with my OCD, or what are the symptoms of ADHD, or just say, I'm feeling sad. We suggest to be more specific with your questions so that you get the best possible responses.

With your feedback, our AI Bot gets better. Use like or dislike buttons under each response, so that it learns to improve it's future interactions. Your feedback makes Mindsum Bot more helpful and safer.

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