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Is it free to talk to Mindsum Bot?​
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Yes. We offer our users 15 chat interactions with Mindsum Bot free of cost within 24 hours window. One chat interaction is one message from a user + one response from Mindsum Bot (in other words, a pair of one request and response is counted as one chat interaction). After every 24 hours your 15 chats allowance gets reset, which means if you used up your chat allowance today, you can come back tomorrow for another 15 free chat interactions.

We limit the chat interactions because we want to give every user a fair usage allowance so that more people can benefit from our service. As the costs of servers, development, and infrastructure are quite high, we have imposed this limit. If you find our Bot useful, please consider donating to our nonprofit so that we can improve our Bot further, offer it to many more people, and possibly remove the chat limits.

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