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What could result in Mindsum removing a therapist from their platform?
What could result in Mindsum removing a therapist from their platform?
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Our goal is to be the best online platform for great practitioners, and we work hard to maintain our reputation. We may remove your profile from our website if:

  • You don't reply to new booking requests within four hours, three times in a row.

  • You cancel client bookings, three times in a row.

  • Clients consistently give you less than three stars in their feedback. Our feedback system is most advanced algorithm, where we aggregate the ratings based on multiple factors, so you do not get penalised unfairly.

  • You accept payment directly from a client.

  • You take a client off our platform.

  • You don't inform us about any investigations by your professional body or other agencies.

  • External authorities contact us about malpractice.

  • We think that our clients' best interests are not being served.

Our system has a built in algorithm which can deactivate your account if certain conditions are met, such as repeated cancellation, not replying to clients. However, in some occasions, we will manually deactivate your profile, such as, external authorities contacting us about malpractice.

Please note that this list may change as we keep track of how well therapists are doing on our website.

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